Tackling cardholder-not-present fraud

Readers of this column will probably be familiar with the fraud profiling that the transaction processing companies apply to cardholder-not-present transactions, but how about profiling the IP address for online purchases?

A company called Shopstorenow.com is now offering just such a service, which essentially profiles the IP address that buyers of goods and services for third-party Web sites are coming in from.

The service tells the merchant what location and country the Internet user is coming in from, and assesses the risk of a transaction being fraudulent based on the country concerned.

The service even compares the IP address of the Internet users with the address of the credit card being used.

According to Shopstorenow.com, its service is already working with Paypal, 2Checkout, WorldPay, merchant accounts, and dozens of other payment gateways.

Interested parties can can view a demo of the service here using an ID of admin and a password of admin.


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