Oyster Card - an invasion of privacy?

Like many peeps strutting around London on a regular basis, I have an Oyster pre--payment card, mainly because it allows me to travel at last year's tube fare rates, and your daily spending is capped at the cost of a Travelcard.

In short, it's a no-brainer for Londoners who travel regularly by tube, bus or the Docklands Light Railway system. And hey - it's convenient.

'Cos live outside London, I've registered my card online to allow top-ups via debit/credit card. Also very convenient.

But I was concerned to read The Register's piece on the Oyster Card - which the newswire calls an `ID card lite' - as the card could be viewed as a definite invasion of privacy.

According to The Independent newspaper, the Oyster Card "is already being illicitly used to snoop on people's movements."

Currently, whilst you can't look at your journey trail online (this feature coming real soon folks), you can look at your Oyster Card usage at terminals at a number of Underground stations.

And if punters can do it, notes The Register, then Transport for London - and the police plus other government agencies - can do too.

Which basically makes the Oyster Card - in my humble opinion - an invasion of privacy.

You can, of course, buy a card anonymously, but then you can't top up the beastie online - which is less convenient...