British government admits defeat against spammers

I was amazed to learn that the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) here in the UK has confirmed it made no prosecutions against spammers during 2005, even though it cheerfully admits to receiving a total of 364 complaints.

According to a report on the VNU newswire, the admission comes 12 months after 13 European countries agreed to work together to share information and to prosecute people sending spam emails.

VNU quotes the ICO as saying it needs greater powers to tackle the problem effectively.

The newswire also quotes the ICO as saying that it is calling on the British government for stronger powers.

Considering this is the same ICO that seemingly prosecutes any company for failing to complete its obligations under the Data Protection Act and allied legislation, this is something of a joke.

The ICO is supposed to be a government agency - perhaps it should start behaving like one...