8Mb Broadband – only a mirage

Imagine that scenario. You buy a car on the promise that it can go up to 400Km/h but only when you drive in on a specially designed closed training circuit, when the sun is exactly perpendicular to the ground (i.e. at noon) on the 29th February. Would you be happy? Probably not.

So I guess that quite a few people are very much disappointed with the industry's general approach to the "Wanadoo for example has been slapped for an ad featuring the 8Mb slogan, which was promised but never delivered.

It is no secret that the 8Mb speeds can only be achieved in ideal situations and 99.9% of customers will likely find get anywhere between 50 to 90% of the advertised speed. I am on a 8Mb package but only manage to get between 3.2mb to 3.8mb per second, and very rarely 4mb.

I therefore urge OFCOM (Office of Communications) to come forward with some kind of UK map of exchanges and estimated speeds - which I guess internet service providers can pull from their existing databases. This would immensely help users who would like to know what to expect from these suppliers. Just type in your post code and your house/flat number and get an estimation.

Surely it can't be a difficult thing to do. If someone finds a tool or a website that offers this kind of service, akin to Samknows, even remotely, let me know and I'll share it.