Hotbar - spyware? Possibly says Symantec.

One of the first Windows 98 utilities I downloaded just over a decade ago when I made the leap to using a mouse was Hotbar. And I regretted it almost immediately, as the `utility' popped up all sorts of stuff on my desktop that I didn't want.

So I deleted it pretty quickly.

Since then, a lot of magazines have reported the utility as low-risk adware, and I have to agree that's what it is.

Now Symantec has settled a lawsuit with over its right to label the utility as adware and remove it from user's PCs.

According to the VNU newswire, as part of the legal settlement, "Hotbar acknowledges that Symantec's security software will detect the application, brand it as 'low risk' and assist users in removing it."

Apparently Symantec filed a lawsuit last summer in response to a 'cease-and-desist' letter sent by

Hey - nice one Hotbar. Talk about shooting yourself in both feet...