VOIP not that popular in the UK


I was intrigued to read that, although half of all UK phone users are aware of the benefits of Internet telephony, aka Voice over IP (VOIP), only a small percentage are actually using the technology.

The research, from Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, says that 49 per cent of UK consumers are aware that phone calls can be made over the Net, rising to 59 per cent of Internet users.

Yet only nine per cent of Internet users are actually using the technology.

Why is this?

I'll hazard a guess. There was an interesting piece on BBC 2 Newsnight the other day about VOIP and security. It appears that some ISPs are now bandwidth controlling Skype and other free VOIP services, giving packet priority to their own VOIP services, which are, of course, charged for.

Nice eh?...