Former auditor found guilty of hacking

mr yuck

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) says that a former IT system auditor for a US government agency now faces a five-year prison sentence on computer hacking charges, after monitoring his supervisor's e-mail and computer usage.

34-year-old Kenneth Kwak pleaded guilty last week in a District of Columbia court to unauthorised access to a protected computer "in furtherance of a criminal or tortious act."

Apparently Kwak was a system auditor working on federal information security management audits as a member of the Department of Education's Office of Inspector General.

He is said to have installed software on his supervisor's computer enabling him to access the machine when he wanted to.

Kwak later used that software to view his supervisor's e-mail and Internet activity, as well as other communications. Perhaps worse, reports suggest that he then shared this info with other people in his office.

The only good news, says the DOJ, is that Kwak apparently monitored the communications for personal entertainment, and there is no indication he profited financially from his actions...