Your Blackberry is safe… for now

The Blackberry network has been saved for now from the claws of NTP. Research in Motion has settled a patent dispute worth $612.5 million that leaves both companies "happy". One question though remains unsolved: why didn't they sort it out outside the court amicably rather than having to put the whole RIM network under stress?

Blackberry is now almost synonymous with Mobile Instant Messaging and there is no doubt that NTP has been subjected to a great deal of pressure from all sides. The U.S. government internal communication depends a lot on Blackberry's ease of use and accessibility, so much so that a few critical US Departments would have been left in disarray had the network been shut down.

But that's not all; the details of the license will still have to be sorted out in further details. Granted that license covers all the NTP patents and the RIM products for now, it is uncertain whether future litigations can be avoided in the future.

For the time being, the mobile email ecosystem is undisturbed and many IT administrators probably sighed when the agreement was reached. The NTP/RIM case has shed new lights on the relative dependence of enterprises on telecommunications and how a relatively small third party can pull down even the mighty and the greats.