Say hello to quantum cryptography

Shrodinger s Cat

It seems that encryption experts are moving into a whole new ballgame, namely that of quantum encoding.

According to US news reports, researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a method of encoding data on to an optical signal to quantum levels, which basically means the code is uncrackable.

Although the maths is way beyond my brain cell - and I've got an S level in maths (if you're old enough to know what that means - Ed) - quantum cryptography is all about transmitting the encryption keys, along with the data, across a fibre optic connection.

This means that, unless the hacker has access to the encryption keys, they can't decode the data stream. But since they need the encryption keys to, er, decode the encryption keys...

Well, Catch 22. And it still does my brain in, even after listening to more than a couple of speeches on the subject...