Is there any captain on HMS Google?

The news that that Google has purchased Writely has sent shockwaves around the world. Many view this as the latest sign that Google will soon take on Microsoft on the desktop. Is it possible Google is being stretched thin by all they are planning?

Do they, in fact, know what they are doing? Google OS, Blogger, Gmail, Google Page Creator, GDrive, Google Earth, Picasa, Google PC, Google Pack, Google Desktop Search, Google Browser, Google Talk, Google Video and now Google Office. I cannot see a coherent strategy in all this. It appears the venture capitalists have suddenly begun piling pressure on Google to deliver products in salvos. As it stands, Google seems to be aiming at Yahoo and Microsoft simultaneously.

However, perhaps Google is attempting to puzzle everyone on the market. The guys at Googleplex are smart enough to make everyone else - including journos like me, and competitors like Microsoft - turn in circles like blindfolded donkeys, with no clue what is going in Google Land. After all, Google is worth tens of billions of dollars, and dominates the Internet search like there’s no tomorrow.

Facing Google are Yahoo and Microsoft, which could combine in the future to topple Google. After all, Yahoo has never gone head-to-head with Microsoft - no YahooOffice yet, and the two have lived in a cosy ecosystem before Google‘s appearance disrupted everything.

They may have several overlapping services like email and search engines, but Microsoft has been much more vocal and aggressive about Google as a competitor, leaving Yahoo aside. In fact, I am pretty sure there is a Microsoft/Yahoo conspiracy brewing to overthrow Google. And I am not alone.