Use your bank account wisely

Nice bank account mister

It seems a new type of scam is building up, centering around non-UK companies using UK bank accounts to accept and launder income from dodgy sources.

The scam doesn't actually involve the owners of the bank account losing any money, but it almost certainly does mean they are breaking the law and could face a prison sentence if they are caught and found guilty.

So far only one company, Euro Imperial, has been spotted asking British Internet users if they'd like to work part time for the company, routing incoming payments via their personal bank accounts.

According to Early Warning, the specialist fraud prevention company, the part time work offer is fraudulent, as the money transferred into the `worker's' bank account is almost certainly the proceeds from crime.

The `worker' is then asked to forward the dosh - minus a commission of course - internationally.

Early Warning says that working bank accounts like this is well illegal and could cost the bank account owner a long spell in jail under UK money laundering rules...