90 day warranties - what are they?

Serious stuff

Had a couple of pals with Dell PCs phone me in the last week, with what appear to be failed hard drives.

What concerns me a bit is that the discount deal they bought the machines from Dell on only includes 90 days warranty support, after which they have to pay for extra support, either on a per-event or a standard subscription basis.

Fortunately for the people concerned, I supplied them both with a utility called MiniPE-XT.

The utility - which I'm seriously in awe of - allows XP-based PC users to boot from CD/DVD drive and offers users a number of very powerful utilities.

I don't recomment MiniPE-XT for PC novices as - in the words of one my industry pals - "it can turn a recoverable situation into an irrecoverable one."

The utility is basically a high-powered disk doctor for Windows XP and allows all manner of facilities, but its most basic function is to get a dead drive-based PC back up and running from the CD/DVD drive.

After that, your first step should be back up your critical data and then - only then - should you try to resurrect the machine...