Network Giant goes into Video Surveillance Market

Last week, Cisco bought Sypixx Networks, a video surveillance vendor. This acquisition marks the entry of the Network Giant into the booming world of security. After VoIP or internet telephony, Video is the next logical step to making one wire the single point of contact for all networking equipment.

Earlier during the year, we talked about the prospects of getting electricity over the old Ethernet cable, something which is gradually becoming mainstream. Cisco is now well placed to be a key player in that sector - having used its own power over Ethernet since 2000.

While wireless networking is gradually impeding on the wired networking segment, there seems to be at least one more reason why one should not strike off wires for communication, at least for the foreseeable future.

A feature detected last year was the growing number of surveillance cameras coming on the market with only one connecting wire, rather than two. Wireless models use it for power, while wired models use it for power and communications. Until we find a way to transfer power accurately from one point to another without significant loss, which is the equivalent to discovering the Holy Grail according to some, the wire is there to stay.