There's one born every minute...


Just got off the phone with Novatech, a South Coast Web-based PC reseller I've been dealing with for more than a decade, and I'm not a happy bunny.

Basically Novatech has struck a deal with V12 Finance, a Bolton-based firm that offers punters buying PCs from the reseller up to 12 months interest free credit, subject to a 10 per cent deposit and 25 quid documentation fee.

If you don't stump up the dosh within 12 months, you're locked into a three month finance deal at an eye-watering 29.9 per cent. But hey, 12 months interest-free is a good deal - right?

Wrong! If, as I discovered, the PC goes out of stock between the time you ordered and a day later when your credit deal is approved, your PC goes on back order.

My 950 quidlet PC is now on two weeks back order, but Novatech does have a slightly higher spec system in stock. No problemo, I thought - I can cancel the order any pay a few quid extra for the in-stock machine.

Nope. You have to cancel the order and re-order the new one. In the process, says Novatech, you lose your 10 per cent deposit, as you're cancelling your finance agreement.

I'm not happy, as the security of my dosh is stake. Also, what happens if Novatech goes bust before the PC is shipped? I think you can guess. Customer loyalty at Novatech doesn't seem to count for a lot any more.

"That's clever," I told the support person. She agreed. I think she was embarassed at the situation. I'm not embarassed. I'm bloody angry. With Novatech and myself.

I know, I know, I should have read the small print - all five pages - on the order, but I skimmed it and thought it would be okay...