A trojan with a difference


It seems those nasty malware creators are getting more innovative in their ways of defrauding Net users of their hard-earned, judging from a report from Sophos over a new trojan horse application.

The Zippo-A (aka CryZip) trojan is said to encrypt users' computer data and then demands the payment of $300 to allow the user access to their own data.

The trojan is quite sophisticated, as it's been programmed to search specifically for MS-Word, MS-Excel and other spreadsheet files on the users' hard disk and encrypt them using an AES algorithm.

Only when the data is encrypted does the trojan then ask the hapless user for dosh.

The good news is that Sophos claims to have decoded the password for trojan, which is 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98'.

Because of this and other malware issues, Sophos is recommending that companies protect their email gateway with a consolidated IT security system to beat problems of this nature...