Hacker gains access to Bisons fans' personal data


Fans of the Buffalo Bisons, a US baseball team, will be regretting leaving their personal data on the team's Web site, as reports surfaced yesterday that the data - which includes fan's credit card details - had been hacked into.

The team isn't to blame for the incursion. It's all down to Choice One Online, the firm hosting the team's Web site, which has held its hands up over the affair.

The US Secret Service (stop laughing at the back -Ed) is investigating the break-ins, which apparently occurred last month and the team has set up a toll-free number for fans to call with their worries.

What's interesting about the break-in is that Choice One says it has been working with the four credit card companies whose cardholders are known to have been affected by the break-in.

This suggests to me that the break-in was on a small scale, and that officials have known about the problem for some time. It's only now, that the dust is beginning to settle, that the news has been made public.

Choice One, meanwhile, says it has hired VeriSign to conduct an investigation into the security break (another expression of confidence in the US Secret Service -Ed).

Initial reports suggest that the hack was caused by a trojan horse package, which have the hacker access to fan's personal data...