Cybercrime on the Rise Say Symantec

Gulf News reports that: "Cybercrime represents today's greatest threat to consumers' digital lifestyle and to online businesses in general," according to Arthur Wong, vice-president of Symantec Security Response and Managed Security Services.

Symantec expects to see more diverse and sophisticated threats used for cybercrime as well as an increase in the theft of confidential information for financial gain.

"When a person or a company launches a new website, assuming that they are safe, they must realise they can be attacked from a global scale."

Symantec's Key Findings:

Bot-infected computers increasing in China

China experienced the largest increase in bot-infected computers. China is second only to the US.

Phishing threats, which deceive users into revealing confidential information, continued to rise during the second half of 2005. Around 7.92 million daily phishing attempts were identified, an increase of 5.70 million attempts per day.

Symantec has documented 1,895 new software vulnerabilities, the largest number of vulnerabilities since 1998.

Symantec expects that the commercialisation of vulnerability research will increase.

Code developers may opt to modify currently circulating source code rather than developing new threats