BT sells what others give away

I was amused to learn this morning that BT - the company you love to hate -Ed - is now selling an online security check for users PC.

In return for 50 quidlets - plus VAT, inevitably - BT will remotely test your PC and/or network across your broadband connection and report back to you with its findings.

The testing session, if BT are to be believed, lasts around 30 minutes, during which time a BT technician (stop laughing at the back -Ed) "tests against a range of potential online threats, including spyware and known vulnerabilities."

But wait for its - "because it is done remotely, the customer does not even have to be in front of their computer for the whole time."

Yes, you the customer might never know a test has taken place - until you get a bill for 50 quidlets. Plus VAT.

On the other hand, you could go to GRC's Shields Up! Web site - here - and carry out a series of security tests. Yourself. For Free.

Words fail me when it comes to BT...