Dutch exploding ATMs


I nearly fell off my chair laughing last night when CNN ran a story about a group of thieves in the Netherlands that have been using compressed gas to blow up their ATMs.

The scam is so effective, apparently, that the banks are now throwing money at contractors to drive around installing vents in the sides of the machines, to vent any gas the fraudsters might inject.

The banks are also considering fitting the ATMs with ink cartridges that colour the notes when the machine is blown up, in much the same way that cash carried in briefcases is often protected.

The idea, says CNN, isn't new, as it was used in France last year, until one of thieves nearly killed himself in the process of injecting gas into the machine.

This all sounds like a shaggy dog story, but I do remember a scam involving driving a JCB into an ATM installation in the US, and then levering the entire ATM in the air. Using that approach a few years back allowed thieves to drive off with the entire ATM assembly...