Say hello to mini-Visa

Mini Visa

Visa's US operation has unveiled a contactless mini payment card called, appropriately enough, Mini Visa.

The card is about half the size of a regular credit or debit card and has been specifically designed to fit on a keyring. The card is embedded with a contactless chip and antenna - for contactless payments functionality - but also features a magnetic stripe.

According to Visa, the contactless card, which will be issued as a complementary card to a credit or debit card, eliminates the need for customers to retrieve their plastic from wallets and purses.

The company adds that its its standard sized contactless card brand had surpassed 20,000 merchant locations in the US, making it "one of the most rapidly adopted payment innovations in Visa history".

This is an interesting move. I'm intrigued that the card also has a magnetic stripe, though, as I doubt that many existing card readers will scan a half-sized card properly.

Not without a software update, anyway...