Sophos intros online Linux security tests


Although there are a number of online, interactive, IT security tests for Windows-driven PCs, services for Linux system users have been rather thin on the ground.

Until now. I'm pleased to report that Sophos has updated its Sophos Anti Virus for Linux systems to version 5.0, and now includes on- access scanning as a standard feature.

The updated software also includes support for newer Linux kernels released by more than 20 sources, something that Sophos says helps to cater both for customers who use standard Linux distributor-supplied kernels as well as users that want to customise their kernels.

SAV for Linux version 5.0 supports more than 20 distributions of Linux, including the main versions of RedHat, Suse and TurboLinux.

According to Sophos, administration, configuration and detailed logging can be achieved through the command-line interface or through a secure Web browser interface...