eBay IDs for sale...

eBay Book

I was highly amused to learn that eBay moved like greased lightening last week to help close down a Russian Web site that was selling eBay ID/password combos for five dollars.

At first I thought that anyone buying these ID/password combos would be looking to drain the allied credit card and bank accounts, but I thought wrong, as reports suggest the information could be used for ripping off eBayers generally.

The guys over at Sunbelt Software apparently spotted the site on Tuesday of last week and reported it to eBay, which moved swiftly to work with the relevant ISP and get the site shut down.

The site, at www.ebayseller.cc, went off line last Thursday, but Alex Eckelberry, Sunbelt's president, has kindly reprinted some screenshots from the site on his blog .


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