UK file sharers under legal fire?

I m in the jail dad

It looks like unconfirmed reports of earlier this year that UK file sharers were under investigation are true, as the Federation Against Software theft (FAST) reportedly has a court order identifying around 145 Internet users as peer-to-peer file sharers.

According to newswire reports, FAST has written to all 145 people requesting financial reimbursement, as well an agreement that they won't do it again.

Sources suggest that around 10 Internet service providers were instructed in January by the High Court to release customer information, following a 12 month investigation.

Details of the investigation, as well as the peeps that FAST has written to, remain very scarce, but the project - Operation Tracker - is live and I gather that other Internet users are also being targeted.

My best guess is that an investigation is now well under way, but that the UK authorities are looking to settle with P2P copyright infringers on a token fee basis, in return for their agreement (a) not to repeat the infringement, and (b) not to talk to anyone about it.

Of course, I could be wrong...