Going Underground

We can wave goodbye to The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, (NHTCU) which has now been incorporated into the SOCA (Serious & Organised Crime Agency).

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) is to bring 4,000 specialist agents together According to SOCA's literature, around 40 per cent of its resources will be focussed on stopping drug trafficking; 25 per cent on organised immigration crime; and 10 per cent on individual and private sector fraud (including identity fraud and "forms of e-fraud exploiting the use of the internet by banks and commerce").

How the wok of the NHTCU will evolve and SOCA remains to be seen. It’s achieved a great deal since its inception with relatively modest resources but has suffered from a lack of attention by government, some might say “denial” to the serious state of the challenge presented to society and law-enforcement by computer fraud and eCrime in general.

It looks as if the NHTCU has now gone “underground” in its new form and I’m sure that many observers will be watching for the first evidence of it re-emerging into daylight with great interest.