Pervasive Wireless – Innovation in Motion

MIT-owned Technology review presents thoughts on Pervasive Wireless. Behind this relatively obscure expression lies a silent revolution.

Pervasive Wireless can be translated as Autonomous, Unattended, Low power wireless systems which could not only save billions but, perhaps more importantly, could also save lives.

Pervasive Wireless already exists, although in very rudimentary forms. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, which sound alarms in supermarkets and high street stores, are one form. The forthcoming Zigbee is another, as is Bluetooth.

Using a mix of technology, one might envision a not-so-distant future in which supermarket cash tills are replaced with gates devoid of human intervention, while motor vehicles interact with each other in order to avoid collisions.

Clearly, like so many innovations, pervasive wireless will have its critics, and it is bound to endure some teething problems in the beginning. However, it is still a promising technology that no-one should ignore.


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