Hassle-free anonymous surfing from Steganos

Steggy s new service

Whilst there are a lot of anonymous Web browsing applications around, they all tend to require you to install a special application on your PC, or reconfigure the proxy settings on your Web browser.

Now Steganos has come up with a hassle-free way of anonymously surfing the Net using a Web gateway system that prevents cookies and other crap reaching your machine.

Known as Steganos Internet Anonym Online, the service is free for the first week, after which there's an annual subscription of £34.95.

To use the service, users surf over to the Steganos Web portal and pull up an auto-toolbar, into which is typed the required address. The Steganos server then accesses the required Web pages.

Using this approach means that the subscriber's IP address is hidden and cookies and malware scripts are automatically filtered out. Even better, the connection between the user's computer and the Steganos server is encrypted using SSL, meaning no eavesdropping is possible.

Although the new service is aimed at security-conscious users of the Internet, I have a sneaking suspicion that office users will sign up for the service to by-pass their office controls and stop anyone from snooping on their Web surfing sessions.

Or am I just being cynical?...