ID cards - a new twist?

Big Tone and his ID card

After suffering the ridiculous crap that comes out of the mouth of Charles (failed Lord Mayor of London candidate) Clarke about his highly invasive and grossly unworkable national ID card pet project (fx: spit), I was intrigued to read John Lettice's take on ID cards over on The Register.

John makes the interesting point that the national ID card system can be used to turn oppressed illegal workers into legal workers at relatively low cost. And raise a quidzillion in extra taxes as well. What a brilliant idea - not.

The El Reg feature says that "phase one of the Government's incredible, improbable and unworkable joined-up border-watch, security and immigration policing system has now been given the Parliamentary green light, and immigration is one of the areas where it should bite first."

The Register piece is well worth a read as it's well-informed. It also points out how unworkable the ID card fiasco really is. But it also reveals how the government can side-step its immigration commitments as well.

So now you know why the government wants to foist a crappy and expensive national ID card system on its citizens.

Me, I'm fortunate enough to have dual nationality, so there's a chance - albeit a small one - I can stall the gestapo home office ratfinks and become of the last people in the UK to be forced to have a card.

Is gestapo too strong a word? I don't think so. I've experienced first hand how the immigration boys deal with johnny foreigners at Heathrow Airport and it's not nice...


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