Myspace - Much ado about nothing?

The Internet is full of horror stories about how Myspace, the new Internet Darling, was turning into something possibly darker and murkier than News Corp might have guessed when it bought for $580m last year.

Listening to these stories, one would probably think that it is a novel thing. But actually, it ain't. Even before the Internet, Bulletin Board Systems were places where people would hang around, discuss, fight and fall in love with each other.

Myspace is a virtual meeting place where millions of people get to know each other through groups formed around themes. They are then able to exchange files - like movies or photos, as well as corresponding in real time.

Although joining one of the thousands of BBSes required more knowledge back then, there was still significant controversy over the content, the behaviour and the kind of people that one could meet on BBSes.

Roll over to 2001, eCircles, Delphi, eGroups and Yahoo clubs brought BBSes to the Internet. Yahoo bought eGroups and renamed it as Yahoogroups. Google acquired Deja Discussion Service and gave a new look to what was essentially BBSes on steroids with a browser interface.

So, at the end of the day, is only a repetition of what was happening in 2001. History is repeating itself; and believe me, will go down the same way others have gone before it.