Firefox reaches 10%? So what?

So there we are. Open sourced darling, the Firefox browser finally broke the 10% barrier in the worldwide browser marketshare. That's what Web Audience measurement firm Net Applications reckons, that's up from 9.57% back in December 2005.

I am sure Firefox users will cheer up although I am not sure whether they will be happy to learn that the rate of growth had actually slumped. In 2005, Firefox grew by 106.25%.

If the first three months' trend continue, Firefox will be lucky to get a 20% growth by 2006, especially as Internet Explorer 7.0 release looms. Firefox should be prepared for a real fight as Microsoft is definitely not going to let things slip up.

Safari is actually third and Opera, the browser that I am using right now, fifth. It would be a good thing though to find out what is the importance that Internet Explorer add-ons. The best known, Maxthon has been downloaded 53 million times; which is roughly a third of Firefox's size.

To put it in perspective, had Maxthon been a separate entity, it would have been a third player in the market. Not bad for a three year old add-on browser.


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