Gold'en Rant of the week - Norton Internet Security, Bloat on Guys

Norton Internet Security bloatware city

As a former eight-bit Unix programmer (please don't laugh), I get annoyed with bloatware which eat as much as they can in memory and system resources.

I had to re-install Symantec's Norton Internet Security on a relative's machine over the weekend, only to give up in disgust.

The security program (and I use that term fairly loosely) hijacked 60% of memory and 40% of the 2GHz Pentium processor's power. You would probably need to expand memory to 1 gigabyte.

Or do you? There are a raft of free applications such as AVG and ZoneAlarm that fulfil most of Norton's features. They don't dovetail together, but they work well, and require just a fraction of the system resources.

I have a real dislike for bloatware and hungryware software.