Virtual machine rootkits - the next big security thang?

It s a virtual machine Jim but not as we know it

Reports are coming in that Microsoft, in conjunction with the University of Michigan, has developed a prototype for virtual machine-based rootkits that can create hidden malware.

Hidden malware is nothing new, of course, but eWeek's report on the matter suggests that this latest set of prototype apps can really spoil the party.

The problem, says eWeek, is that, once the target operating system has been loaded onto a virtual machine environment, the rootkit becomes impossible to detect.

This says, the newswire, is because its state cannot be accessed by security software running in the target system.

Incredibly, eWeek reports that the whole project is the brainchild of Microsoft's Cybersecurity and Systems Management Research Group.

I'm speechless. Thanks Microsoft. You've just opened a Pandora's box full of...


(Oops, I think Steve's lost his modem signal - I wonder what he planned to say? - Ed)