Official : Apple Mac computers to run Windows XP and Linux

Many had predicted it but few believed that they would live to see the day. Apple will now be adding Windows Operating System booting on Mac OS X. The forthcoming Leopard will allow you to accommodate OSes from Microsoft - including Vista - as well as Linux distributions.

The market implications are interesting. Firstly, Apple Mac's market share will increase substantially giving it the necessary leverage to bring prices even lower. Secondly, since Macs and ordinary PCs use the same components, interoperability will be less problematic.

Thirdly and most importantly, you will not be bound to beige and black unattractive PC boxes and you may stop craving after your friend's superb 20-inch TFT Apple Mac.

Finally, it gives Microsoft a real headache. Vista, Windows XP successor is a non compelling operating system and has been dubbed a Mac OS X copy. It is scheduled to be introduced in January 2007, which gives a 9 month window for Apple to come up with some very innovative marketing.

To put it in simple terms; on the server side, Microsoft has to fight Linux. On the desktop side, Apple will prove to be a tough nut to crack.

Obviously, if you can run Microsoft Windows XP on a Mac machine, it will only be a matter of months before you will be able to run Mac OS X on a PC.

For the time being, only a software patch is available to allow Windows XP to be installed. But with Virtualisation and 64-bit becoming hot in 2007, Apple might have struck the right cord with consumers and businesses.