Barclays gets online with its applications

Barclays apply online

I was intrigued to see that Barclays has started an on-line application facility for opening its bank accounts, claiming to be one of the first banks to offer this facility.

Initially I though that this was potential fraud risk, until I realised that the application - as is normal with UK banks - is still assessed by a human being. Well, a banker anyway.

The online application apparently only takes 10 minutes and is there, says Barclays, to help customers wanting access to its regular saver account, which pays 10 per cent interest.

That's a lot of interest. Except that, as Martin Lewis, the money-saving expert says, Barclays' current account is pants.

I think he's right too. My mother is with Barclays and their security system for telephone banking is a right old joke...