Intel's Robson Technology to radically speed up PC performance

Intel came forward with one of the most forward thinking techniques to make your computer go faster. The slowest component in your computer is actually the hard disk drive. Since it is mechanic, it has not been able to cope with the kind of data transfers that current technology has been bringing forth.

While average hard disk capacities double roughly every 18 months, just like the number of transistors on a processor, hard disk drive performance has been pretty much stagnating for the last decade or so.

Intel has come forward with the idea of having a hybrid system whereby a large memory cache - which is essentially a piece of flash memory, just like the one on a MP3 player - will be added to the motherboard rather than to hard disk drives,

One has to wonder why this kind of technology had not been implemented before. It not only improves speed dramatically; cutting load times by double digit percentages in some cases. It also helps improving battery life and gets your computer to start quicker.

Also since the hard disk drive would be less accessed, its life span would be notably increased, hence less failures.

The Robson flash cache technology is until further notice, an Intel-only baby. But should it be made an industry-wide standard - just like USB and PCI, both Intel's fostered children - it will bring about a significant boost in performance and speeds.