Talktalk £20.99 Package to cause Havoc in UK Telco Sector

I was flabbergasted to say the least, when I first read about the Carphone's Warehouse broadband offer.

Designed to cause maximum damage to its competitors the new package promises free broadband forever; and it should be taken seriously by BT, Wanadoo and other broadband only vendors. Talktalk is offering line rental, unlimited calls (with 28 countries included in the deal) as well as high speed broadband with 40GB download limit, for only £20.99.

In comparison, some broadband service providers like BTyahoo, actually sell broadband for £20.99 and it is nowhere near what Carphone Warehouse's offer. BT Broadband option 2 is a 2Mbps line with a download limit of 6GB; much slower and a fraction of the download limit.

Obviously, Carphone Warehouse is looking to grab as much customers as possible, even if it means losing a few quid on each of them. Charles Dunstone says that the residential telecoms market will never be the same again and I totally agree with him. Right now, it makes more sense buying two broadband packages (with two phone numbers, two 8Mb line with 80GB bandwidth in all) from Talktalk than getting only one from BT. There's a £29.99 connection fee and a 18-month contract.

I do not expect Talktalk to be perfect though. It gets average points when it is compared to other service providers on Speed, Reliability and Customer service.