TechTip of the week - Office Quickies

How to Disable Office Online Featured Links

Microsoft Office 2003 includes the featured links in Microsoft Office Online that lets you view new and updated information about Office, but some folks prefer to disable this feature. You can do this by editing the registry. Here's how:

- Open your favorite registry editor and navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Common\Internet

- Double click the following value: UseOnlineContent

- In the value data box, type the desired value as follows: 0 = never show Office Online content, 1 = Use only offline content (.chm files) when available, or 2 = use Office Online content when available.

- Click OK and close the registry editor.

You can also use the Help menu to modify Online Content settings. For instructions on this and other ways to control these settings, see KB article 891158 here.

"Access Denied" error when you try to open or save a file in Office

If you try to open or save a file in a Microsoft Office program such as Word or Excel, and you get an error message that says "Access Denied," then the program closes unexpectedly, it may be an issue with permissions on redirected folders. You can resolve the problem by following the instructions in KB Article 891636 here.