Bonjour - Apple's Open source seamless network solution

If you’re looking for open source, you might have stumbled on Apple's open source projects. Apple's Mac OS X, after all, has a FreeBSD 5.0 core, which is deeply rooted in Open Source. The good thing is that Apple is better suited than Microsoft's Windows for example to run UNIX software. There are quite a few interesting projects running there and I was particularly intrigued by Bonjour.

"Bonjour" is the French word for "Hello"; Bonjour will allow you to create an instant network of computers and peripherals without any configuration - wired or wireless. In other words, networking "Plug and Play", rather than the usual "Plug and Pray". That's only part of the story; since Bonjour is open source, there are strong chances that UNIX and LINUX users may soon benefit from the joys of seamless networking. My dream of having a simple, one cable-pc (the power cord) has just moved one step closer.