Buy a $2800 64GB USB Drive and get free jewellery

There's a 64GB USB flash drive out there, all yours for a mere $2800. While it may seem expensive, the Kanguru is actually cheaper per GB when compared to other smaller flash drive models (that's a bargain though, when compared with BUSLink's $5000 model) but more than five time the price of gold, at equal mass.

It is built upon a top grade NAND flash memory, comes with its own aluminium casing, a 10-year data retention time period and weighs a mere 18g plus 64GB is an insanely huge amount of storage. In comparison, Apple's biggest capacity iPod stores only 60GB.

Small and convenient, it is not far-fetched to think that one can store a million Word documents on it, 100000 MP3 files or even a dozen of full length DVDs. That's how big it is. Unfortunately, one must also bear in mind that flash memory has a number of limitations. It is relatively slow. 64GB will probably take around anything up to 780 minutes (or 13 hours) to get filled up. That's not all, flash memory has a set lifetime, normally counted in terms of read/write cycles (up to 100,000) and once the number of read/write has been attained, your flash drive gets converted to a very expensive piece of jewellery.

But the biggest disadvantage of them all is if you happen to lose it or if your dog chews it, you lose all the precious files stored on it…so make a backup!