Easter Eggs

Well in case you haven’t noticed it’s Easter and for those of you here in the UK, it means that most of us have the next fours days off. Everybody knows what the regular Easter egg is, the slightly sickly chocolate concoction, usually filled with the sweet of your choice, in fact I’ve already consumed a couple today.

Of course this being Techbabble, Easter egg also is a technical term, though again not one with a very rigid definition, basically it means a surprise that’s buried within an application or a programme, for some great examples click here If you know of any great examples, please feel free to let us know in the comments box below.

For me like Christmas, Easter was a time that was best enjoyed when you were a child. Like our Christmas presents, my parents would hide the eggs in the house somewhere. We’d get one for Good Friday and another for Easter Sunday. Of course being the little bas****d that I was when I was younger I’d turn the house upside down in my own great Easter egg hunt. I remember finding them on at least a couple of occasions, at which point I had a great idea, I’d eat half the egg replace it back in the box with uneaten part still wrapped up and on display.

This of course fooled no one, as the wrapping somehow never quite looked right, and there was tendency for the remains to move round in the box in a way that would be impossible if the full egg had remained. It also meant that once Easter finally came round, I didn’t have anything like the amount of treats that everybody else was enjoying.

These days I know more about how to control myself and can sometimes wait whole minutes in between bouts of self indulgence. That’s part of the thrill of being grown up, knowing that you can simply buy yourself another Easter egg and so never having to run short.

As well as the sweets, I’ve also had some experience with the electric variety, with the hidden treats in many games and sometimes even on DVDs. I remember on the first Harry Potter DVD, as I was exploring the magical world of Jim Dale (he did the narration on the bonus disc,) feeling really rather chuffed with myself when I stumbled across an unexpected treat. I was rather helped by the fact the packaging said that there were hidden extras. There are off course some famous examples of Easter eggs, the flight simulator that used to be hidden within Excel is one that springs to mind.

In these days, perhaps due to the maturing nature of the industry, they don’t seem to be as prevalent as they once were. Who knows, with boo.com about to re-launch perhaps these too are due a bit of a comeback.