OECD: 158 Million People Enjoying Broadband

Icelanders are not cold when it comes to trying anything new, as least not when it comes to broadband connection, according to the latest OECD broadband statistics.

The small Scandinavian island better known for its hot springs and geysers, has the highest concentration of broadband Internet users for 2005. 26.7% of its citizens were subscribed to an always-on broadband internet connection, ahead of South Korea and two other North European neighbours, Denmark and Netherlands.

Overall, the US still has the largest number of broadband connections with nearly 50 million active lines, roughly a third of the 158 million worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Asian ADSL/Cable lines are much faster than anywhere else in the world. ADSL is still the dominant form of broadband with three out of five connections out there.

A few points worth noting; the first generation broadband is now mature and slowly but surely, the second wave of faster broadband is making its way with Fibre-to-the-premises making the headlines. 4.6 million fibre subscribers have already signed up in Japan.


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