TechTip of the week - How to Use Content Advisor in IE 6.0

If you share a home computer with your kids, you can control access to web sites with Internet Explorer's Content Advisor, by using rating systems or by specifying sites that users can or cannot view. Here's how:

- In IE 6, click Tools | Internet Options and click the Content tab.

- Under Content Advisor, click the Enable button. This opens the Content Advisor dialog box.

- To use ratings, click the Ratings tab and adjust the slider bar to the level you want to use for each category (language, nudity, sex, violence).

- To specify web sites, click the Approved Sites tab and enter the URL of each site you want to allow in the Allow This Web Site box.

- Click Always or Never to add the site to the Approved or Disapproved list, respectively.

- To remove a site from the list, click it in the list and click the Remove button.

You can also create a supervisor password so others who use the computer won't be able to change these settings:

- Click the General tab, then the Create Password button and type in and confirm your password.