You don't have to be Mrs Robinson to guess the weakest link

So, the fourth annual Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) found out that nearly 60% of information security breaches carried out in 2005 were due to human errors - that's up 13% from 2004.

I am actually surprised that this number is not much higher than that. Earlier this year, IBM issued the same warning, people are the weakest link in the IT chain and that comes as nothing new. It is less dangerous and potentially more rewarding to "invest" in high tech crime than trying to rob a high street bank in day light.

Trying to con people through phishing is one example how businesses might be vulnerable to human errors and examples of human stupidity leading to computing disasters abound. No later than last week, US military flash drives containing critical information were found on a stall in Afghanistan. Even the best spyware, antivirus and anti spam software with the latest patches and virus definition cannot protect you from this kind of costly mistake.

Human beings are gullible and good social engineering skills are often all it takes to get their trust and circumvent the best hardware/software security defences a company might have erected.