Card details for sale - British ones too...

Care for a large one sir

The Agence France Presse (AFP) newswire reports that details of thousands of British credit card holders are being sold online at a dollar a pop - and for five times that amount if the CVC (card verification code) is included with the card detail.

Nice - huh?

The newswire quotes The Times (I'm presuming it's the London, rather than the Noo Yawk one, though I can't find the report online) as saying that around 400 credit card numbers are sold per day, along with personal information such as dates of birth and mothers' maiden names.

Interestingly, AFP claims there is also a thriving sub-culture out there on the Internet (fx: waves generally in the direction of the screen) for more complex card info, including prices of 100 dollars being paid for valid numbers plus PINs.

The fraudsters driving these online exchanges, says the newswire, are gangs operating out of Eastern Europe and southeast Asia.

AFP notes that Card Cops, a US-based firm which monitors IRCs where stolen details are traded, said it was aware of the details of 300 to 400 British customers a day at a conservative estimate.

I wonder how the fraudsters get paid for the info? Paypal?...