Talk Talk observations - the details emerge

It s broadband Jim but not maybe as we know it

Following on from diatribe about TalkTalk's `free broadband' offer on Tuesday, some more details are emerging on the forums about the deal.

It seems that the launch date for the service is the end of June and that only around 70 per cent of the UK's population will be covered by the unbundled service.

If you live in an area outside the unbundling exchange zone, TalkTalk will offer you broadband, but at a tenner extra.

Caller ID on the TalkTalk unbundled lines will cost 1.50 a month - most BT punters get the caller ID service free of charge under the BT Privacy arrangement.

And I must confess to having been wrong with my calculations. Most users will be hooked up to the MaxDSL service, which supports data speeds of up to 8 Mbps, with an average of 4.5 Mbps.

This means that, under a full 50:1 contention, as I described in my epistle of Tuesday, users will get a worst-case data speed of around 70 Kbps - around 75% faster than a 56K modem.

Which is still pretty poor, but at least I think I've done my sums correctly...