TimeUK.com and e7even – two different customer philosophies

Two ghosts from the past have reappeared actively looking for fresh new customers to conquer. e7broadband previously known as e7even and timeuk.com formerly known as timecomputers.com. Both as you will see take different approaches when it comes to dealing with customers.

I've ranted more than once against the former. e7even was one of the cheapest broadband providers out there assuming you prepay your usage in advance. I was one of the "lucky" customers who not only subscribed to that internet service provider but also upgraded from my 2MB line to a 8MB line for £16.

Then, everything went wrong and my mayhem lasted nearly two months. Now, with all their troubles left behind, they humbly accepted that mistakes were done. Although they were not as transparent as customers would have liked, they have improved and now almost-real-time data is available on their website to show their network status.

As a measure of goodwill, they have provided users with either 2 months of free broadband or 2 months worth of service credit. These can be used for upgrades or renewals for example by all the existing members who suffered broadband loss during the outage. That's on top of the Refund amnesty back in January.

But that's not all, for the next 400 new customers, they are offering three months broadband trial, free connection and modem and free double speed upgrade. As far as I know, it is the first time that an Internet service provider is providing broadband on a trial basis with no strings attached.

Compare that with TimeUK.com, which is like a Timecomputers.com clone - same branding, market segment, tricks, directors and location. Except that they do not provide any compensation for their disgruntled customers.

TimeUK provides with a free 12 month standard warranty support with a one pound 0906 number.