China's largest fake credit card ring smashed

Visa the card that says it all

Reports from Beijing this say that China's largest ever credit card counterfeiting ring has been broken, with police sizing more than 41,000 cards.

The China Daily reports that police in the southern business centre of Shenzhen have arrested four people, including one from neighbouring Hong Kong.

The paper says that the gang used credit card information stolen abroad and sold the counterfeits in southern China.

Interestingly, the paper adds, credit cards are a relatively new innovation in China, but their popularity is growing quickly.

During the raids, police in Shenzhen seized computers, printers and raw materials. noting that the systems the counterfeiters were using were some of the most sophisticated on the market.

I can believe the size and scope of the Chinese operation, as I worked in Stockport in the 1980s and regularly ate at a restaurant in Manchester's Chinatown, getting to know the staff there.

The waiters there were real spivs, although they were likeable lads. A few years later, in fact, I read in the Manchester Evening News that the restaurant was at the centre of an alleged card cloning scandal.

We always paid cash and you can probably guess why.

My better half also had her card ripped off in Manchester. The Police later told us that the Chinese triads were involved in the scam.

And no, I'm not being racist when pointing out the level of card fraud in the Chinese community. It just a fact of life, like the Mafia spreading up from Italy and across Europe like a cancer. But that's another story entirely...