Pro-active cellphone virus protection

Mobiles under attack careful now

There have been a few malware applications that have arrived on the mobile phone scene over the the last 12 months or so, but nothing really serious.

Aladdin is taking no chances, however, and has released the eSafe Mobile Content Security Gateway (MCSG), a server-based system that sits on the network interface at the carrier's switch and intercepts any malware or virus nastiness before it reaches the mobile.

This is no smoke and mirrors product either, as the Chicago-based firm says that the system - which uses its Hostile Operation Flow Analysis (HOFA) technology - has already been installed by a major Italian cellular carrier and Israel's largest network operator.

Is HOFA effective? Aladdin claims it is, and says its tests proved 100 per cent effective in detecting and blocking of the three most common Symbian malware families: SymbOS.Cabir, SymbOS.Skulls and SymbOS.Commwar.

I suspect that, as new and smarter smartphones arrive on the market, the problem of mobile phone malware is going to get worse, so three cheers for Aladdin in developing its new technology - especially since it costs the networks, rather than the users, to install the system...