Google soon to offer ad-sponsored free Wi-Fi access

Google has patented Free WiFi, if Search Engine Roundtable is to be believed. Rather, the search giant has grabbed three patents based around wireless access subsidized by advertising.

The first patent talks about a two-tier wireless access with one ad-sponsored version. The second patent is about the role of Wireless access points in the management of adverts and the wireless service provision.

The third patent briefly touches the methods through which the user screen could be modified on the fly. I guess that skinning and advert rotation mixed with geo-targeting (serving advertisement based on your actual location) is what Google has in mind.

As I wrote in one of my previous blogs; pieces of the puzzle might just be coming together. A low cost Google box with a low cost wireless internet access might soon be the cheapest and easiest way of getting information anywhere anytime. Don’t want the Google Box then very soon T-Mobile might just be the other option you will go to.