Second UK ISP offers “free broadband”

Biscit is the second Internet Service Provider to launch free broadband. The package which is called FreeMax which matches Carphone Warehouse's 8Mbps speed but fails heavily in other segments; prompting some to say that Free broadband is not as easy as it seems.

You get only 12 hours of free calls to nationwide landlines - that's a mere 18 minutes per day. CW's offer is unlimited. Biscit service is offered on top of a BT line and is a promotional one - the price goes up after six months and you have to stay with them for 18 months.

Worst though is the fact that they give you 2GB of data allowance per month, that's a meagre 60MB per day; sufficient for light users but not enough for heavy users like yours truly who can gobble up 2GB in 24 hours. Compare that with CW who offers you 20 times the amount at 40GB of download per month.

What else. Talktalk allows you to phone unlimited calls to 28 countries and unlimited phone calls. The contract period is the same though - 18 months for both of them. The cost for the support charges is 10p per minute. You can find more about talktalk on Charles Dunston - Talktalk's CEO blog.