Personal CCTVs are the next big things around

As I watched the news last week, I saw how police forces were experimenting with what I would call Personal Digital Recorders which are basically, personal CCTV (closed circuits television).

In one case, a policeman was successful in defending himself against an accusation of assault a young lady had put against him during her arrest.

In this age of miniaturisation, it was only a matter of time for such uses to come forward. In another case, I learnt via Metro, the daily commuter newspaper, how women are protecting each other by sending small films and photos, of the cab and the driver who is driving them home, to their friends and relatives.

Mobile phone technology is advancing so quickly that it will be only a matter of time before one will be able to use real-time video calls (without the need to store it in memory) not only to protect oneself but also to spy on others.

Meanwhile, elsewhere startups like Youtube and firms like Three are encouraging people to shoot their lives and put them online so that others can watch (and possibly pay)

Technology has made all this possible. Ironically, while Orson Wells might not have predicted it in his "1984" - it is actually the individual that is turning into an unwieldy big brother.